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Week 1 winners!

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Thanks! :)

Now, if you have some free time... which I know is sparse for a working lady... Could you please make some banners?
*moan* *fuss*

OK, but it might not happen until Sunday. I rashly offered my services to someone who runs three icon comms and that got stressed over something in RL and abandoned them.

So, I've been helping her close down to Hiatus Status. So I'm doing heaps of banners for her.

YOu are now on my List Of Things To Do. Any recs as to size / content / layout etc?
I think something about the size of the neutral_zone banners would be nice. It would be nice if they could have a "framed and matted" edge, but that is just an idea. It would be nice if you used one of your cute legible fonts for schifihush.

Thank you. You are an angel.
"framed and matted" huh?

Honestly, I have no idea when I'll have the time to get to this.
Uhm, like a border and then solid colour or simple pattern... Something simple.

But don't worry about it! You're a working girl now!!! :-D

Seriously, if you don't get around it, I'll try to come up with something when I get home!